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Preparing For HPAT-Ireland

We would like to thank all Guidance Counsellors for recommending our courses to their students to prepare for the HPAT-Ireland 2011 exam. The feedback from students was excellent and they were particularly happy that they were taught techniques on how to answer the questions rather than just going over sample questions which is what other preparation courses do.

The HPAT exam should be taken seriously. The fact is if you wish to study Medicine in Ireland, you will have to meet the required standard for this exam. HPAT-Ireland is not like any of your other Leaving Certificate subjects. Your Leaving Certificate subjects follow a set curriculum and as a result require vast lengths of time studying their content.

HPAT-Ireland has no set curriculum and does not require the same time consuming study as these subjects. However, what it does require, is confidence, know-how, and practice. This is why our preparation course is the ideal spring board for your HPAT-Ireland study. It should also be noted that numbers for this course are limited and class sizes will be no larger than they would be in school. There will also be two or three highly qualified tutors presenting this course to ensure that you get the individual attention that you require.

Career Services HPAT-Ireland Preparation Course

Career Services is proudly presenting its highly acclaimed HPAT-Ireland Preparation Course (covering Sections 1, 2 and 3) in Athlone, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Killarney, Limerick, Sligo, Tralee and Waterford. While you may be studying for your Leaving Certificate pre-exams during this time you must remember that the HPAT is worth 1/3 of the points that you require for Medicine and it is certainly worth setting aside time to do our preparation course.

The outline of the 1-day course is as follows:

  1. Introduction
    • What is HPAT-Ireland about?.
    • Why was the HPAT-Ireland exam introduced?
    • How does the scoring work?
    • What to expect on the day of the exam?
    • Timing tips
  2. Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving.
    • Identifying the different types of questions in Section 1
    • A different approach for each type of question
    • Practice Questions
  3. Interpersonal Understanding
    • Timing, Tips and Techniques
    • Practice Questions with Narratives and Dialogues
  4. Non-verbal Reasoning
    • Next in Series: Identifying patterns
    • Missing Segments: Grids and Pyramids
    • Middle of Sequences: Increasing Sequences, Mapping Rotations, Queues and Stacks
    • Practice Questions
  5. Take Home Exam
  6. End of Course Discussion / Q.& A.

Venues and Dates for January Prep. Courses

The Sligo Park Hotel,
Pearse Rd., Sligo
Friday 6th of January 2012 Course Completed
The Hilton Airport Hotel,
Northern Cross, Malahide Rd, Dublin 17
Friday 6th of January 2012 Course Full
Dooley's Hotel,
The Quay, Waterford
Saturday 7th of January 2012 Course Completed
The Carlton Hotel,
Dublin Rd., Galway
Saturday 7th of January 2012 Course Completed
The Sheraton Hotel,
Gleeson St., Athlone
Sunday 8th of January 2012 Course Completed
The Radisson Blu Hotel,
Cork Airport
Sunday 8th of January 2012 Course Full
The Meadowlands Hotel,
Oakpark, Tralee
Saturday 14th January 2012 Course Completed

Venues and Dates for February Prep. Courses

The Hilton Airport Hotel,
Northern Cross, Malahide Rd, Dublin 17
Saturday 4th of February 2012 Course Full
The Harbour Hotel,
New Dock Road, Galway
Thursday 16th of February 2012 Vacancies
The Hilton Airport Hotel,
Northern Cross, Malahide Rd, Dublin 17
Friday 17th of February 2012 Vacancies
The Radisson Blu Hotel,
Cork Airport
Saturday 18th of February 2012 Vacancies

10.00am - 5.30pm
Break at 1pm



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When is the Official HPAT-Ireland Exam?

The HPAT-Ireland exam will take place at exam centres nationwide on Saturday 25th of February 2012.

Why Should I Do A Career Services Preparation Course?

There are other preparation companies to choose from, but none of these are tailored exactly to the HPAT-Ireland exam and offer the affordability that the Career Services HPAT-Ireland course offers. Here are a few reasons why you should complete the Career Services HPAT-Ireland Preparation Course:

  • Career Services has been in the business of preparing students for aptitude tests in Ireland since 1987. No one else can come close to this experience. Other companies will claim to have "medical experts" tutoring their course. Do not let this mislead you. HPAT-Ireland requires no medical knowledge. It is an aptitude test, not a medical examination.

  • The positive feedback from our clients who undertook our HPAT-Ireland preparation course for the 2011 HPAT-Ireland exam surpassed our highest expectations. Many of these students also attended expensive "grind school" HPAT courses in crowded conditions of over 120 people. The popular consensus of opinion was that the Career Services HPAT preparation course was superior in quality, content, and professional tutoring held in a normal class size situation.

  • Some course providers are foreign companies usually from Australia that offer general courses that cover the UMAT (Austrailian Version of HPAT) as well as the HPAT–Ulster and HPAT–Ireland exams. While these tests are similar, they are not the same, and thus elements of these courses can be time wasting and confusing for students.

  • A major attraction is that we offer the most affordable fee of €180. Content or quality of materials are not sacrificed. There are Irish institutions that are charging expensive prices (€280, €350) for courses in city locations where they pack in crowds and spend most of the second day on a practice test that could just as easily be completed at home. Career Services will also give students a practice examination to do at home. This prevents the disruption of spending another day doing this test away from home as is done by agencies who advertise two day courses.

  • The experience and qualifications and the full time professional capacity of the three Career Services tutors involved in the HPAT–Ireland Preparation Course and other Aptitude Test Courses is second to none. All the Career Services tutors are Honours Degree graduates and are experts in psychometric examinations and their combined qualifications consist of MA, MEd., BA, BSc., BEng., DCG (Dip. In Career Guidance), HDE, PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education), ADEM (Advanced Dip in Ed.Mgt.) etc. Career Services’ professional tutors work full time in psychometric testing and are not part time opportunists who suddenly appear for HPAT-preparation courses and then hibernate for the rest of the year.

  • We teach techniques. Other preparation course simply go through sample questions.

  • We keep our class sizes small and have 2 or 3 qualified tutors presenting each course. Some other companies have classes sized 100+ and only have a single tutor.

  • We are holding courses in Athlone, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Killarney, Limerick, Sligo Tralee and Waterford ensuring that there will be a course near you.

  • Career Services allows its clients to keep all handouts used in the HPAT course because we consider it is vital to have this material for revision purposes right up to the day of the official HPAT-Ireland test. Beware of other courses that do not allow this.

  • Finally and most importantly, our best advertisement is for you to meet a former client of ours who did a HPAT course or any of our courses. We are confident that their comments will be exceptionally positive towards Career Services.


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