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HPAT-Ireland (Health Professions Admission Test -Ireland)

HPAT-Ireland is the admissions test selected by the Irish Medical Schools.

What Kind Of Test Is HPAT-Ireland?

HPAT-Ireland is an aptitude test that measures a candidate's logical reasoning and problem solving skills as well as non-verbal reasoning and the ability to understand the thoughts, behaviour and/or intentions of people. It is designed to complement academic achievement, by providing assessment of skills in the areas of reasoning understanding and working with people. HPAT-Ireland has a strong focus on general skills and personal abilities. These skills have been identified as important for a competent health professional. It does not test academic knowledge and candidates do not require special understanding of any academic discipline.

Why Introduce The HPAT-Ireland Aptitude Test?

Universities feel that attributes such as general mental ability, critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, empathy, psychological robustness, and integrity are some of the commonly cited required qualities of medical students. HPAT-Ireland aims to assess more than intellectual ability and has added value alongside the Leaving Certificate assessing more of the non-cognitive characteristics in potential medical students.

In other words, having a top class Leaving Certificate would indicate that you would have the learning capibilities for Medicine but it would not necessarily mean that you would have a good bed-side manner.

The Structure Of HPAT-Ireland

The HPAT-Ireland test is a multiple choice test that is made up of three sections and it takes two hours and thirty minutes to complete. The sections and timing are outlined below.

Section 1: Logical Reasoning And Problem Solving
65 mins.
44 Questions
Section 2: Interpersonal Understanding
45 mins.
36 Questions
Section 3: Non-Verbal Reasoning
40 mins.
30 Questions

Who Can Sit HPAT-Ireland?

Applicants must either be in their final year of school or have completed their Leaving Certificate. Fifth year students should note that you are not able to sit the HPAT-Ireland exam this year however there is nothing to stop you from preparing for next year to ease your study load.

So, What Do I Do Now?

The following guidelines are advised for completing HPAT-Ireland successfully.

  • Click on the 'Preparation' link above or below for information on how to prepare for the HPAT-Ireland exam.
  • Apply for Medicine in university online at www.cao.ie Please ask your school's guidance counsellor for help.
  • Register for HPAT-Ireland at "www.hpat-ireland.acer.edu.au" between early Nov. 2011 and 5.15pm on the 20th Jan. 2012.
  • HPAT-Ireland exam will be held on 25th Feb. 2012.


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